Reducing Your Auto Repair Cost With Your Local Salvage Yard

When your car breaks down and you are in need of a fix, sometimes going through a dealer or collision specialist can be costly and many questions may come up that can be difficult to answer when you need to get your vehicle repaired.

  • Where can I find spare parts for my car?
  • How do I know what part I need for my car?
  • What happens if my car is too old for the dealership to repair?
  • What options do I have to fix my car that won’t cost a lot?
  • Who can help me find the right part I’m looking for?
These and several other questions will always run through your mind when you are looking to repair your car. One of the biggest problems with cars is that they are difficult and costly to maintain and repair. Getting the right part for the car can be expensive and take a long time when you go through dealerships or shops that need to order the right part.
Make it easier on yourself and instead use the iScrap App to help you locate local salvage yards and auto wreckers that will be able to assist you in saving a whole lot of money with your car repair. Once you know what spare parts you need to fix your car, it is time to start hunting for a reliable salvage yard that can help you.

Search While On The Go, Contact Real Yards

With the iScrap App, you can use it on your desktop, mobile browser, iPhone, or Android all for free. That is one of the many parts that will make your search for an auto part easy. The iScrap App is available for free on any internet device and you can get in touch with the local salvage yards and auto wreckers in minutes while on the go.
Once you have downloaded the app or have searched for your area through our directory for auto wreckers in your area, you are much closer to saving money with your car repair. You will see on our map that there are two different types of pins for auto wreckers in your surrounding area.
1) Preferred iScrap App Auto Wreckers: These are active iScrap App yards that checked their requests on a regular basis and will contact you directly. You can have direct contact with these types of yards.
2) Basic iScrap App Auto Wreckers: These locations are not current members but their basic contact information is available. Your requests will be forwarded to them but not necessarily received or responded to.

Request Your Repair Parts

Once you have located the yard you want to reach out to for you spare or replacement auto part, you will have the option to use the contact information section to reach out to the yard you are interested in. You can also choose one of the easy-to-use options to reach out to that yard for your part request.
When you are looking to request a car part for your repair you can fill out the form with your contact information and the year, make, and model of your car, also with any details you need to leave. That request will be sent directly to the yard’s email address connected to their account (preferred location only). From there it is up to the yard to contact you with further information.
Once the auto wrecker has received the part request they will usually search their own inventory for the part you are looking for. If they don’t have it, you can ask them to check with other yards in the area to see if they have the part that they can order. This procedure of repairing your car will greatly reduce your cost for repairing your car and will be convenient for you to shop around to different locations that may carry the part you’re looking for.

Doing It Yourself

You can also contact local salvage yards and see if they allow you to pick and pull parts from their yard. Some may encourage you to stop by and check out their yard for an equivalent part for your repair and they will be able to guide you in the right direction for the correct part.
If you are frustrated with your car as a whole and are looking to scrap it completely, you’re in luck. The salvage yards and auto wreckers also provide that service to you. You can request a car pick up for scrap. Just like the other contact form you can fill it out with your information and expect to get a direct response from the auto wrecker.

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