Reducing the Cost of Transportation While Scrapping

scrap savingWe all know being a scrapper requires you to be on the road, putting a lot of miles on your vehicle and this also means using a lot of gas.

Preparing your day can save you money!

With the cost of gas rising and only heading up going into the summer months, here are some ways you can cut down the cost of scrapping and start profiting more from your scrap earnings.

Separate, separate, separate, did we say separate?

Separate and sort your material before loading your truck and going to the scrap yard. By separating your materials into bins or containers you will make more money and also save time while at the scale.

pack scrap truckLoad the truck up!

While loading your truck, fill it to capacity (safely) so that way you can make less trips to the scrap yard and in turn save more money on gas. 

Have a plan.

Planning your route before you leave for the day can help you save a lot of money from driving around by having a set and direct route to all your destinations. You can use the iScrap App to find the scrap yards nearest you and the areas you will be doing work in for the day. Take your scrap to a new place, you may get better prices! 

Use a friend.

Don’t want to pay for all the gas yourself, carpool with a fellow scrapper and split the gas bill. You can either split the earnings too, or if you both have material just make sure to separate in different bins so it doesn’t get mixed up. 

Save your scrapping money.

You can set aside a certain amount of you scrap earnings for gas, whether it is something like 5% or a total of $10 per load. The funds can quickly add up. Also you can save some more money for any repairs you need to make to your truck.

Overall finding new ways to save or make more money from scrapping, can help yourself and your gas costs. Working hard and scrapping is great, but make sure you scrap smart. Happy Scrapping!

Have your own gas-saving tips for scrapping? Let us know!

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