Recycling Pots & Pans the Right Way

The iScrap App was able to help out with a recent article about recycling pots and pans Earth911.

“You might be someone who cooks with a nonstick pan everyday, but have you ever considered what you should do with your pan once it’s no longer suitable for cooking?

A quick internet search reveals there’s a lot of confusion surrounding whether nonstick pans can be recycled. Some people say no one will recycle them because of the coating. Some suggest there might be ways to mail the pans in for recycling, while others don’t see why your curbside recycling program wouldn’t accept them, since they are metal, after all. Others are afraid to donate nonstick pans because the pans might be harmful to pet or human health, a topic surrounded by a fair amount of discussion. So, to demystify this issue, we’ll provide some clarification about what exactly a nonstick pan is made of and how you can determine how to recycle it.

You may find your local curbside program doesn’t collect unusual materials like pots and pans, but don’t fret. Most scrap yards that accept metal will be happy to take your old nonstick pans, which they will recycle along with other scrap metal.

“The scrap yards will usually separate these pans into the proper pile of aluminum scrap,” Virginia Buechel, Public Relations Director for iScrap App, a search tool for scrap yards, told Earth911. In the case of aluminum pans, they will be put with what’s called “Sheet Aluminum” or “light aluminum,” which is sturdier than the aluminum used in cans, Buechel explained.”

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