Quick Tips for Scrapping – Part 1

Quick Scrapping Tips for More Money

We know that you don’t have all the time in the world to separate and go through all of your scrap metal items before heading to the scrap yard, so we have some of the quick tips that can help you make more money. These tips are suggestions that can help you save time and make more money. Be sure to always have the proper safety equipment on before taking anything apart and when you visit your yard. These quick tips for scrapping are helpful for your money-making strategy when scrapping. It can also help you sort through the materials you have and determine what can be worth more to you. Be sure to take your time to use the right safety equipment and protection.

Starters & Alternators

When you have some starters and alternators from your car or any vehicles you are scrapping be sure to separate them from the motors. Often times people think that they should just throw them in with their steel pile but they have copper wire inside that can make you more money at the scrap yard. Be sure to check with your yard because some yards mix the two together while others price them the same.

Stainless Steel Sink & Steel

When you have a stainless steel sink you are in luck with a good amount of material, but be sure to check the bottom and the edge for any steel attached. You can use your magnet and if it sticks you will be able to identify where the steel is. There can be a steel rim along the outside of the sink that can be removed with a hammer and chisel. You can also sometimes find a steel ring around the drain on the bottom that can also be removed with a hammer. Once you remove the steel you can sell the sink for a clean stainless steel price.

Bare Bright Copper Wire Bundled

Scrap yards love bare bright copper wire, but they don’t like it with accessories. If you have a tendency of adding duct tape or another type to bundle your wire together to transport it, be sure to remove it. Scrap yards can’t process bare bright wire or any other material if it is all bundled together with tape. If you have a large quantity of taped metals, you can certainly expect a lower price at the scale until you remove it.

#2 Copper Tubing Dirty with Brass

If you are a plumber or contractor that often has dirty copper pipe from jobs you will often tackle the issue of cutting the Brass fittings off or not. A lot of times when people have dirty copper or #2 copper pipe (has paint or solder on it) they won’t bother removing the brass fittings off the ends. If you have the right pipe cutters or saw to snap the brass off you can get a better chunk of change by separating the two. Just like other things you take apart you should determine the time spent and money from the outcome.

#1 Copper Tubing with Brass

Similar to #2 copper pipe being separated from brass, if you have #1 copper pipe it should almost always be a standard that you remove the brass fittings from the pipe. It would increase your profit at the scrap yard by a significant amount by separating the two. Remember #1 copper pipe does not have solder or paint on it.

Al/Copper Fin Steel

When you are taking apart refrigerators or AC units, you will often come across Aluminum/Copper fin from the unit. You can make upwards to $0.20 more per pound if you are removing the steel ends from the fin. If you have a large quantity this can make you a lot more money at the scrap yard with minimal effort and time spent on it.

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