Quick Tips for Scrapping – Part 3

When you are scrapping copper tubing and brass pieces from plumbing there are plenty of ways to make extra money on them by separating them correctly. Whether you are a plumber, contractor or you are fortunate to work with one that can provide you with some old pipes and pieces from plumbing jobs, you have some new things you may have to learn to make some extra money on your scrap metal. Tom from the iScrap App Team describes the new brass gaskets that are seen on copper pipes more often now and how you can scrap them. He also explains some of the ways you can make a good chunk of change from Brass plates from doors.

Quick Tips for Copper & Brass

Copper Pipes & Gaskets

Copper pipes are still used in plumbing projects and infrastructure. Commonly brass fittings would be soldered onto the corners of the copper pipes to ensure a close and tight seal for water to pass through. With new technology and different tools on the market, there are new gaskets that are used to seal the corners and seams of these copper pipes. While the gaskets at the moment are a bit more expensive than solder, they are simplier ways the plumbers are able to seal the pipes.

With less people learning how to work with their hands in the labor industries, these new gaskets allow plumbers to use a special tool to squeeze the gaskets shut with a tight seal. Inside of the gaskets are a plastic ring that seals off the pipe, after it has been pinched shut with the new tools. Below Tom shows you where those plastic rings are located so you know what to look for. Be sure to removed these gaskets from the copper pipes before bringing them to your local scrap yard so you will be able to get a clean copper pipe price at your scale.

You can go to your local hardware store or department store to purchase a cordless sawzall so you will be able to cut the brass gaskets off the copper pipes. Once you have done that you will be able to pop the rubber gaskets out of the brass fittings with a screwdriver and sell the piece of brass a clean piece, while also having clean copper pipes you will be able to sell.

Brass Door Plates

When you are working on a demolition job or any general contracting, check any doors you may be scrapping. If there are door plates on a door, many times the decorative ones that are seen on the bottom of the front doors are made from brass. Those door plates can usually be removed by the screws and you can get some good money at your scrap yard for the brass. They can be upwards to about 10 pounds and if you add that into your brass pile that is a good portion of some extra weight and money at the scale. Remember some door plates may be steel or a magnet, so be sure to have your file or magnet handy to check the type of metal.

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