Profiting From Scrap-Shopping

profit from scrap metal

We all know the best type of scrap is FREE scrap, but sometimes there may be opportunities where you can buy items at certain events or places that can be turned around for a profit.

Scrap Smart, Scrap-Shop Smarter

Occasionally we will find ourselves walking up and down a stranger’s driveway looking through tables of “junk” and other items that they no longer want at a garage sale. This is a perfect chance for your to make a smart scrap purchase. Looking through various items you may come across electronics or other collections that can be bought for a few bucks but turned into a larger profit at the scale.

You could also find similar items being sold in thrift shops that can be turned over for a scrapping profit. But just like any other aspect of scrapping you may have to learn about what works best by making mistakes. You first few times you may not profit as much as you thought or at all. Here are some ideas and suggestions to use when scrap-shopping.

When you go to events or places to look for items to buy for scrap, think of the end value. Some people may be selling an item to make a profit themselves and not necessarily get “rid of it”.

For example if someone has a working computer tower for sale for $20, that isn’t a good buy for scrap, because even if you take it apart for components you won’t make near that much on it. But if they have a working or broken one for $2, it may be worth it to snag a make a few extra bucks on and take it apart for components.

Some items to look out for:

  • Copper ornaments or decorations
  • Brass bowls, hardware, or decorations
  • Electronics like computer towers, VCR’s, DVD Players
  • Power Tools, if they are working you can use them too!
  • Machines that can contain copper, electric motors, etc.

As you are shopping for scrap, you should have a budget in mind you are willing to spend while also weighing up the possible profit you can make overall. Trial and error may be an option if this is something new to you. Just keep in mind to look out for high valued scrap items and use the iScrap App to see the national price averages to have a good idea while on the go.

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