PHOTOS: 7 Amazing Scrap Statues, Incredible Hulk, & More

You’re not even going to believe this. Check out these awesome statues of of various characters, objects, and animals, all created from scrap metal. With the attention to detail you can really tell that this artist takes the time to find the right materials and metals to get all of the features of each sculpture he creates. We don’t say this too often, but these are definitely not pieces of metal we would want to scrap.

Thor Scrap

Not as mighty when he is only double the size of a can.

Davy Jones – Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates Of Caribbean

Something tells us his tentacles aren’t moving as much.

The Incredible Hulk

Scrap Metal Hulk

His green-ness got a little rusted since the last time we saw him.



Double Guitar

Guitar Scrap

That makes us want to listen to heavy metal.

Flat Elephant

Elephant Scrap

Probably one of the skinniest elephants we’ve seen.


Fishbone Scrap

There’s no bone about it, this artist has some real talent with his scrap metal sculptures.

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