Odd Scrap Items? They’re All Over!

We constantly are answering the question through emails, chats, and our Facebook Group about different types of scrap and weird items that they come across, so let’s go over a few. 

Water Heaters

We know that water heaters might not sound like a funny item to scrap, many water heaters have little secrets inside. If you’re lucky enough to know what to look for sometimes you can find large copper coils inside of the water heaters be able to unscrew and scrap separately. One thing that you have to watch out for is insulation or water that could be left inside the heaters we have heard stories about scrappers leaving water or ice during the winters… and scrap yard have kicked them out.

Fuses and Breakers

Circuit Breakers - scrap metal pricesCircuit Breakers are tough items to sell sometimes, but often could be very profitable if you know what to look for. Some of the circuit breakers can be resold, but many of them that may be busted or broken can have a nice amount of copper inside. If you sell single pole breakers as-is they will be very cheap with prices often less then $0.10 per lb (even when copper levels are high).

Fuses are another great item to scrap- but you better have long sleeves on when dealing with them. If you are able to cut the tinned copper ends off of them you will have a nice extra score – but be aware that inside of them there tends to be a sand-like substance that almost acts as itching powder (we may or may not know from experience, haha). 

Lawn Ornaments

We have seen so many little statues and self-made ornaments from scrap metal it is crazy. The talent that some people have really makes one smile- that is until it gets damaged and is then scrap. There have been so many cool items to come through scrap yards from full bronzes, old cars, and old toys. Many scrap yards have little collections of these things but there tend to be too many things that come in to save.

Some scrappers have made a part-time hobby out of reselling these or making them into fun projects, but we have seen a lot of people just recycle them and be done with it. From brass statues to Christmas light laced deer…scrap is all over.

AC Units

Ok, we know that these are not weird, but figuring out how to take them apart correctly and efficiently is always challenging. Knowing which ones are all aluminum vs copper/aluminum and if the freon is out or the oil is drained are all big questions. 

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Knowing how to handle potential problems with oil being left inside or freon not being properly drained is an environmental issue and doing things correctly are the only way to scrap these with a peace of mind. It is weird to think about reaching out to other parties to help you do your scrapping for a window or ground AC units but it is a necessary evil. 

You Know Of Any Weird Scrap?

Let us know what you think and some weird items that you have scrapped so we can share your stories with others!

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