Octopus Grabs Crab…Disappears

Imagine you’re just walking along and BAM! an octopus grabs you! That’s what happened to this crab when it was just hanging around the shallow pools of the water. The octopus came out of seemingly nowhere and “walked” on land to grab the crab and then proceed to take him down into the dark depths of his hiding place. The whole body of the crab was enveloped by the octopus.

Some have asked how an octopus can eat a crab. The way it works is that an octopus has a beak (on the bottom of it’s body) and it can pierce through a shell. Once it has pierced the shell of the crab, it injects it was paralyzing venom, and then proceeds to eat it’s innards. Not the most pleasant way to die, but at least he grabbed a quick bite to eat and didn’t have to wait on line.

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