Oak Island: Treasure Hunting Mysteries

oak island treasure hunting

Exploring Oak Island’s Treasures

If any of our iScrappers out there watch the History Channel recently you have probably come across the series “The Curse of Oak Island”. This treasure hunting show takes place on Oak Island, located in Nova Scotia, Canada and follows two brothers, Rick and Marty Lagina, from Michigan that are exploring the island for the mystery buried treasure on the island. They like many others have come across tell-tale signs of significant and unique artifacts throughout the island. Fighting against lack of finances, solid proof, and multiple booby-traps throughout the island, their task seems to be getting more and more difficult over time.

History of Oak Island

the curse of oak islandBefore the turn of the 19th century in 1795, three boys were exploring the island and came across a strange depression in the ground that seemed to be man-made. As they began to search a bit more, they had come across numerous artifacts which sparked rumors of a buried treasure on the secluded small-wooded island. Over the next 200 years the treasure hunt of Oak Island has continued on with dozens of explorers including John Wayne and Franklin D. Roosevelt. None of the treasure hunters have been able to find outstanding evidence to suggest the larger treasure is still buried.

Over the last two centuries, 6 people have lost their lives and according to the legend, the mystery will be solved after 7 people have lost their lives. But that small detail isn’t stopping the Lagina brothers and their crew from continuing to dig, drill, and scan the land for any shred of evidence leading them to the treasure mystery of Oak Island.

Lagina Brothers & Their Discoveries

The Money Pit in Oak IslandIn the summer of 2013, a 17th century Spanish coin was found at the island’s swamp, “Mercy Point”. Investing in millions of dollars into this exploration, the brothers have more evidence and hope to work with to continue their treasure hunting. After finding the coin in the swamp, the brothers decided to get their team together to search the area with non-ferrous metal detecting. The swept the entire area and came across nothing.

The section dubbed the “Money Pit” is also another place of interest for the treasure buried hundreds of feet below the ground. It is said to have a series of tunnels and traps that prevent treasure seekers from accessing the contents of the buried chest. As many hunters have dug for the treasure below they have hit water tunnels that flood the ground and prevent further digging, as well as other obstacles in the way. There has been many speculations as to what is buried at the bottom of the pit including Marie Antoinette’s jewels, Shakespeare manuscripts, and even the Holy Grail.

There are several clues pointing to the unknown of Oak Island, but until the Lagina brothers or their successors access the buried treasure, no one may never know. Find more information on Oak Island on Wikipedia and the History Channel.

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