Now’s A Perfect Time to Relearn Scrap

Check On Your Scrap Habits

They say the old dogs have a hard time learning new tricks and we believe that the same thing goes for the scrap industry. We talk to hundreds, if not thousands of people over the years about the different ways that they make money with their metal and one thing has generally remained constant- they rarely change what they do.

We think that most people have this way of thinking whether it’s getting a coffee at the same deli every day or scrapping in the same yard. One of the things that we have tried to teach people over the years is that there are multiple options and trying something and not liking it is still a form of growth. We’ve talked to people in the past that have said that they would never strip wire until they saw a picture or a video of a machine that made wire stripping too easy not to do. Now they’re able to make a tremendous amount of money when they have extra time and prices.

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How to Relearn

One of the most common things that we have seen different people do to learn more about how to scrap in different areas is by talking to the yard that they generally work with. The scrap yards are forced to change their ways of selling material on a daily, weekly and yearly basis, as all types of market changes will dictate what they need to do. From there, if you are working with a good scrap yard they will share their information with you and you will be able to learn more and make more money every time you go to cash in. 

Using resources such as the iScrap App has also proved extremely helpful as many of our videos and tutorials have been made from other people’s requests throughout the country to learn about different scrap. You can also use our weekly report as a way to see what’s going on with the market, as well as learn about different items in materials, prices and know what to look for with the markets always changing.


With millions, if not billions of videos posted on YouTube it’s hard to always know if what you’re looking at is good information and will apply to you. But there are multiple resources online that you can rely on to be able to learn about Scrap, dismantling and new market trends or different separation methods. Our team has constantly been asking questions since 2011 from scrappers all over the country and the world to learn about different methods and more importantly, questions that people have that we could help explain over the years.


Social Sites

Facebook and Instagram have proven to be some of the best staples on where to look at how others separate and sort their scrap metal. Through the iScrap App’s Facebook Group entitled Scrap Metal Recycling Talk, We have been able to gather thousands of different people that talk about all types of Scrap related information from taking things apart to different prices that they get for items in different areas of the country. This is especially important when you’re looking to learn about the markets and see if your local yards are treating you fairly.


Relearning = Hard

Learning something for a second or third or fourth time is one of the hardest things to do. But by being able to learn about how others are making money with their materials, you will be able to enhance your own knowledge and be able to work on things in a much smarter and more efficient way.

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