NFL Draft: Pick Your Number One Scrap Yard!

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With the NFL Draft coming up this week, many sports fans will tune in to see what star gets picked to go to the struggling teams throughout the league.

This got us thinking about how scrappers may choose their number one scrap yard using the iScrap App and why they bring their scrap to that location.

Picking the Right Scrap Yard – Stats and Specs Explored

Pricing/Tier Pricing– Some scrap yards offer the best prices in the area and will match or better their competitors. Some scrappers may want to get the most money for their scrap so they will search for the best price at the time. Some scrap yards also offer tier pricing, scrappers that come more often may be able to receive better prices.
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Location– Some scrappers may choose a particular scrap yard to go to based on the location to their job site or home. Going to the closest scrap yard will save money in gas and may just be more convenient for scrappers to visit instead of driving longer into the city or a few towns over.

Materials Accepted– Some scrap yards may accept other materials that some of their competitors may not. If a scrapper has a certain material from a job, they may have to go to a different scrap yard than the usual. Some yards may specialize in ferrous materials and not accept electronic scrap or vice versa.

Information Provided/Business History– Some scrap yards may provide their customers with more information about taking apart and sorting material correctly to make the most money on their scrap. Scrappers could find the information provided can create a trust between them and the scrap yard, which may have the customer continue to come back.

customer serviceCleanliness/Helpfulness– Nails and other sharp objects are a large problem at scrap yards; popping tires and sticking into the bottom of customers’ feet. Having a clean facility, may draw a scrapper to continue to come back. Also good customer service, like helping unload the truck and separate materials properly on scale, could attract customers.

Connections/Old Friends– Like in any industry, some customers may have connections or friends in a business. Scrappers may have connections or established relationships at scrap yards in their areas and keep them coming back.

No matter what specs or information scrappers need to choose the right scrap yard to bring their scrap to, scrappers can use the iScrap App to choose new scrap yards to try out. You never know, you may be able to find a new number one scrap yard pick in the iScrap App.

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