New Year’s Resolutions for Scrapping

This New Year is a perfect time to get back on track with your scrapping. Whether you are a part-time or full-time scrapper, it can always pay off to get your priorities back in order to make more money. When you are scrapping, the ultimate goal is to make more money.

Collect More Scrap. Separate More Scrap. Know Your Scrap.

The iScrap App Team is here to help you do all of that and get the best from your scrapping efforts this New Year. Use these resources to help you make more money on your scrapping efforts.

Places To Collect Scrap Metal

This year use the different seasons to your benefit. Be sure to get your calendar out and take advantage of holidays, changing weather, and garage sales. It may also be a good idea to mark when garbage and recycling collection days are in your surrounding communities.
  • Winter Scrapping – Keep a look out for busted copper pipes and new electronics around the holidays.
  • Spring Scrapping – Springtime means there are going to be some garage and basement cleanouts for the big Spring cleanup.
  • Summer Scrapping – Broken pool heaters, pumps, lawn furniture, and air conditioners are all items that need to be on your radar in the Summer.
  • Fall Scrapping – After the hot summer there can be some air conditioners around and also busted up gutters and siding from storm season in the Fall.
  • Where To Find E-Scrap – Wondering how you can start collecting more electronics for scrap metal? We have some ideas.
  • Where To Find Stainless Steel – This is a very helpful metal in many different places. This is where you can find them.

Be Sure To Separate Your Scrap

Once you have a good handle on the different opportunities to gather and collect more scrap, it is time to make more money on your metal by separating it properly. Some of the most valuable metals should be separated the right way so you can make the most money.
  • Copper Pipe – Be sure to separate the clean pipe (no solder or paint) from the pipe with fittings (brass, solder, etc.) to make more money.
  • Car Parts – Always be sure to collect and separate various car parts for scrap, especially those catalytic converters.
  • E-Waste – Electronic scrap should always be separated, especially the different types of computer boards.
  • Copper Wire – Determine if your copper wire scrap is worth stripping and how you can do it the quick and easy way.
  • Yellow & Chrome Brass – Do you know if you should separate it before bringing it to your scrap yard?
  • Sealed Compressors – They are a difficult item to scrap, do you know how?

Learn About The Scrap Market

Now that you are collecting more scrap and you have it separated the right way, it is time to get your scrap together and sell it for your larger profits this New Year. Having the right knowledge and resources to help you get prepared can make your scrapping much easier.
  • Stay Updated on Prices– Understanding the trend of when scrap prices are going up or down is important. It helps you to know when to sell or hold.
  • Starting Your Scrap Biz – Getting the right papers and equipment together to start your own business is important.
  • Factors of Scrap Prices – Prices go up and they go down. Knowing why all that happens is important and can help you make more money.
  • Best Tools for Scrapping – Tom, the founder of the iScrap App spent some time updated his favorite tools and equipment to use when scrapping.
  • Stay Updated on Tariffs – Be sure to keep an eye on how the trade tariffs are affecting scrap prices and the economic market.
This New Year’s instead of trying to “lose” weight, we want to help you gain it on the scrap scales with some of these helpful articles and reminders. Start getting your scrap resolutions together and make more money this year. Don’t forget to download the iScrap App to find the closest scrap yard to you along with their current scrap prices.

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