New iScrap App Update is Available for Download

The all new iScrap App is now available for download. The iScrap Team is excited to bring new features to the most popular app in scrap. Over the course of the last few years, we have been listening to what the scrappers and most passionate users are looking for: MORE SCRAP PRICES.

After updating our app a few years ago with more price information, the latest version has some great new features and enhancements to make your scrapping experience better. Below are some of the latest updates that we think are going to continue to improve the scrapping world:

  • National Scrap Prices – Updated daily on the iScrap App.
  • Push Notifications – Available for price alerts, market news, and more.
  • Reporting Prices – We now make it easier for you to report your scrap price directly through the yard you sold to.
  • Contact Form – Are we missing any yards? Use the new contact form to submit your local yard.
  • Cat Quotes – Have scrap catalytic converters to sell? Get a quote via text message when you use the new cat quote form!

What’s New?

This year we have added a few new options to the iScrap App built specifically for scrappers in mind. We have been requesting feedback from thousands of you regularly to hear about what prices you want to hear about, what news you want us to report, and so much more. With all those things in mind we have released a few new features to make it easier for scrappers like you to get updated prices and be more aware of what is going on in scrap.

Push Notifications

Know When To Hold or Sell

This year we released one of our favorite features: Push Notifications! This new feature allows the iScrap App team to keep you updated about the current prices, when the markets are moving, and give you insight on whether it’s a good time to sell or hold your scrap.

Catalytic Converter Quotes

Request Quotes for Cats Right in the App

The iScrap App team knows that when you are on the go towing scrap cars, hauling metal, and delivering to scrap yards, it’s hard to find a reliable catalytic converter buyer. Powered by, the iScrap App now offers a quote form built directly into the app that allows you to upload photos and serial numbers of your cats so you can get an accurate quote and get ready to sell them!

Contact Form in App

Are We Missing Scrap Yards? Tell Us!

With the latest release, the iScrap App now has a general contact form attached to the menu. This gives you the ability to suggest scrap yards, provide information on scrap yards listed, and suggest new features. This new feature allows the iScrap App Team to update our scrap yard directory and get feedback on our current features.

Ready To Take Your Scrapping to the Next Level?

Think about becoming a Patron and getting breaking news sent to you as soon as the prices drop or go up. This will allow you to keep updated on the current scrap prices and market movements.