The ALL New iScrap App Is Available Now

We’ve heard the requests and suggestions from our thousands of followers and users. In 2017, we were on the mission to create a New iScrap App, that allows users to have a better experience and also report prices while on the go. We are excited to announce that we have our new iScrap App available now. download or update the new iScrap App and start finding yards nearby and reporting your prices on the go.

New Look & Features

We set out to update the iScrap App for better performance, easier navigation, and a fresh look. Working throughout 2017, we are happy with the new design and functionality of the New & Improved iScrap App. Below are some of the new looks and features to look for:

  • New App Icon & Look – Armed with a fresh new logo in the App Store, the iScrap App has a smoother look and feel to it. With a green background and white money pin, the iScrap App Icon will sure stand out on your smartphone.
  • Quicker Opening – We no longer have to wait around for a loading screen or spinning circles, the New iScrap App allows you to open the app with ease and quickly locate you within the map. You will be able to zoom in and out of your area to find other area scrap yards quickly.
  • Easy Navigation – We have a simple navigation once you select the yard you want more information about. You can select your local scrap yard to contact them, check current prices, contact them, and more.
  • Report Your Prices – One of the BIGGEST features we are excited about is the new Reporting Price feature. You can now report scrap metal prices directly within the app for your local yards. Once you have visited them, upload your prices for materials you sold and post them to your local scrap yard. This will really helpful not only for your local scrappers but also yourself to check back to see where prices have gone.
  • Demo Screens – Need help using the New iScrap App? Be sure to click the information button (“i”) on your app screen to walk through the demo slides to help you use the iScrap App to make the most money on your scrap metal.

Be sure to download the new iScrap App for iOS in App Stores and iScrap App For Android now!