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scrap metal myths

The trade industry is unique because you will learn the tricks of trade by being out in the field. There is no book that can teach you everything about plumbing, roofing, construction, etc. Same goes for the scrap industry.

Through the years, some scrappers may start to think some patterns are the norm in scrapping metal. We want to clear the air of some myths or false information that may have been passed down or spread in the scrap metal world.

Myths can be fun to believe, but not when you could be losing money because them.

scrap e-wasteThere is a large quantity of precious metals, like gold and platinum in hard drives and computers.

False – While there are some small amounts of platinum in Hard Drives and some gold in computers, many electronics today have much less than expected. Because the technology has improved so greatly throughout the years, the need for precious metals in electronics has gone down. Therefore, don’t be disappointed if you don’t find as much gold or platinum as you thought you would.

Taking PC Towers apart could be hazardous.

False –  Many people think that there can be hazardous consequences when taking apart PC Towers and think that there are gases that could affect the environment. However, there are no gases or other hazardous materials in the PC Towers, so you can take apart as many as you want! This does not include computer monitors.

The Scrap Yards and Dealers make 2-3 times more than what they buy the material for.

False – Many people have the notion that the scrap yards are out to rip people off their scrap to make more money. In reality scrap yards make a small percentage off the materials that come in to their shop.

auto core scrap

Cutting the combs (or insides) from a catalytic converter is better than leaving it whole.

False – Once the comb is cut from inside of the catalytic converter, it is very difficult to tell what kind of car it is from. Therefore, it is very difficult to determine to correct pricing for the catalytic converter.

Longer pieces of steel are better for scrap.

False – Some smaller and more compact pieces of steel often weigh more and will yield more money at the scale. If you have the ability to, it is better to torch or cut the steel whenever possible.

All coppers are the same percentages.

False –  This isn’t true either. All copper items have different percentages. They all depend on the application or the intended use. That is why there are many grades of copper pricing at each scrap yard.

Scrapping is fun and profitable if you learn the tricks of the trade.

TRUE – Happy iScrapping!

Hope you found out something new about the myths in scrapping and certain materials. If you have myths of your own let us know by commenting below, email us or post it onto our new iScrap Metal Forum.

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