Mystery Woman Entitled to $100K After Dropping Off Apple I Vintage Computer

vintage Apple I

As a scrapper, we all know that one man’s junk is another treasure. That is definitely the case for a mystery woman who recently dropped off a vintage computer to a local recycling facility just north of San Jose, California.

Recently the woman was cleaning up her house and collecting a box of electronics after her husband had passed away. About two weeks after she had dropped the box off to the recycling facility, employees discovered there was a vintage Apple I computer, which is a first-generation desktop computer from Apple.

Only about 200 total were put together by Apple’s co-founders, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ron Wayne back in 1976. Recently a recycling facility sold a similar unit for $200,000 at a private auction and company policy states that the mystery recycling woman is entitled to 50-50 split of the profits.

The recycling company is searching for the mystery woman, who refused to get a receipt and leave her name. Vice President Victor Gichun is hoping that locals can help him locate and identify the woman so he can give her the money she is owed for her kind and rare recycling donation.

For more information see original article via Mercury News.


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