Metal Monday: Types of Nails & Screws

scrapping screwsMany people have asked us about nail and screw recycling and we think that this is a great place to talk about it. Many times whether it is garage clean outs or just extra inventory from job sites it may seem tough to get rid of these nails…and it can be. Most nails/screws are generally made of a galvanized steel, but many times they may be something different.

Aluminum screws and nails are common in roofing and are used because they do not rust and will be able to last longer when used in rooftops and on the outside where exposed to the elements. These will be great because you can mix them in with your Sheet Aluminum.

brass screwsBrass screws are often used in decorative and marine applications. Because the brass will not rust (it will corrode because of the copper),  brass screws are a great item to look for during garage cleanouts and even in your own basement. Most of the time you can include these in with your normal Yellow Brass items that you scrap.

Steel/Galvanized screws are the last type that we are going to go over today and are also the most common ones. These are used from putting drywall to the wood/steel studs inside of your house as well as putting up plywood and other more common items like decks together.

Hope this gives you a few nuts and bolts to play around with…scrap ya later!


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