The Quickest Way To Make Scrap Money

quickest way to make money on scrap metalWhat is the quickest way to make money with scrap metal?

We were asked that question recently, and it is difficult to answer. We always like to see people making the most money with their scrap metal instead of the quickest way to make money, but we also know that time = money, and sometimes you need a quick buck instead of a bigger payout.

Sell One Material At A Time

One of the easiest and quickest ways to make money is by selling just one type of material. Whether you have all aluminum siding or just a trailer full of light iron, when you get to your scrap yard, you will be able to pull up to the scale and unload and get paid quickly and easily. Once you have multiple items, you must wait for each item to be weighed, extending your time at the scrap yard.

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Just having these items sorted ahead of time in your own bins/barrels will also help. This way, you can help put things on the scale in a neater and more efficient fashion, and from there, you will be able to have the entire process go much quicker.

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