Metal Monday: Sports Can Help With Scrap

scrap-metal-sports-moneySports of all types have multiple different tools that they use to make them happen. Many of them include metal ones and we want to touch on key sports to look at while scrapping.

  • Baseball/Softball: From the aluminum bats to the fencing around the fields there is a few places you can find metal. Make sure you look around while demo of fields are going on and you can scrap the fences and maybe even the foul poles.
  • Football: While there isn’t too much gear to scrap from football, the field goal posts and the bleachers are things that may be up for grabs. Many schools like to change out their bleachers every 7-15 years, so be on the lookout to see if you can help out.
  • Golf: With millions of people taking up golf every year there are always old steel golf clubs being thrown out. Some golf clubs have aluminum heads that you can cut off, but most of the clubs are made of steel.
  • Beer & Beverage Cans: Where there are sports there is often times beer and soda cans left in the stands and parking lots that can be cleaned up and scrapped with your local scrap yard.

Think of some that we missed? Let us know!

Also be sure to check out our full article about items you can scrap that you can collect from sports equipment. There are some items and options there that you may not have thought of for scrapping.

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