Metal Monday: Scrapping Cars & Materials

7-Crushed-CarsiScrappers…lets talk cars today.

All of us need some type of a vehicle at sometime to get from point A to point B. Whether you have a horse and buggy, a bicycle, or a car or truck, you always have to be ready to move scrap and go all over the place.

Cars are one of the most scrapped items in the US and sometimes can be more then just a junk car. Some cars that are being sold for scrap can often be refurbished or fixed and resold for what it actually is…a car.

Can you tell us a story about a car that you bought for scrap or maybe a car that you bought from an autowrecker that you were able to fix up and make like new. Send us your stories at: [email protected] and we will post the best ones that we get in!

Until next week, scrap ya later!!!


Some things to keep in mind when you are scrapping cars or take cars apart for scrap is what is still working and what different items are worth more money at your scrap yard or auto wreckers. Keep some things in mind that can be salvaged for more money by your local salvage yard like:

If you are looking to get some more information on what you can scrap from a car check out some of the resources we have below: