Metal Monday: Romex® Wire

romex wireLet’s go over one of the most common house wires out there…romex. Romex® comes in many colors, yellow, white, orange, and a few others and has three copper wires inside of it. One is a bare bright wire which is the ground, and then there are two smaller gauges that could be like a 10 or 12 gauge wire for the actual power to go through.

Some people think that stripping Romex® is a really great thing…and often we agree. Romex can make you about 10% more money when you strip it and with the right tool, it won’t be bad. With Romex® powering thousands if not millions of homes through the US and Canada, often will be one of the more scrapped items when it comes to insulated wire. Make sure NOT to mix it with your computer cords as that will really make it lose value.

Scrap ya next time!


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