Metal Monday: Really #1 Copper?

copper fittingiScrappers…What’s Up!?!?!

We want to talk about copper fittings today…we know we know that you have all seen many copper fittings in your day, but we want you to know that there is a new type out there that you need to watch out for. There are new “solder-less fittings,” that have rubber gaskets inside of them. These gaskets are hard to see…but make plumbers jobs much easier because no more soldering many hard to reach pipes…the problem is the scrap.

The rubber ring that is inside is hard to see, and as a scrapper you might see a bunch of these fittings on pipes and say to yourself, “No solder…that means clean copper tubing.” In this case you will be wrong and if you try to sell them as a clean copper, you will get a reject from your scrap yard.

Hope this tip helps out!

Scrap ya later!!!


So if you are collecting copper fittings for scrap and they are newer they may look like clean copper but take a look inside. The rubber rings on the inside will downgrade the material at your scrap yard. So be sure to keep it separate from the rest of your copper pipe and wire and you can get a #2 or sightly better price with your copper fitting scrap.

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