Metal Monday: Platinum

Platinum_crystalsPlatinum is one of those metals that most people think of as being used in jewelry…but most cars have platinum underneath them in the catalytic converters! Platinum can be used to help filter some of the CO2 before it hits the exhaust and goes into the air.

Due to it’s high melting temperatures, platinum is used in many specialty applications other than jewelry. Similar to gold it is an excellent conductor, but due to its cost, it is normally not used as often as gold is many electrical applications.

Platinum is an element, meaning that it is naturally occurring, and its lifespan is almost unlimited due to recycling processes out there today.

Scrap ya later!


*TIP* If you are interested in extracting platinum from catalytic converters, think twice before ripping one open hoping to have some fall out. The platinum inside of catalytic converters is mixed with various other rare metals and is impossible to remove without the proper equipment that refiners use. Your best bet to get the best value for the platinum scrap that is found inside catalytic converters is to keep it together as a whole unit. You will be able to get more money from the scrap yards by doing that.

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