Metal Monday: Marine Brass for Scrap

Marine Brass for Scrap

Many times scrappers are asking us about the difference between yellow and red brass, but Marine Brass is another material we have been asked about before. Marine Brass confuses a lot of people because they think that it is just as good…or better then normal everyday yellow brass. Let’s debunk that myth.

What Is Marine Brass?

Marine brass is often found on boats and ships and is a type of brass metal that has hardener, like nickel or iron in it to make it stronger. While there are some types of brass that come off of ships that are better then normal Yellow Brass, the secret to marine brass is the hardness of it. The propellors on larger boats as well as many other pieces of Brass on the ship are put to a much harder and more grueling task by navigating the waters.

Where Can You Find Marine Brass?

The brass that is on the bottom of the ships (including the anchor many times) has a hardener in it like nickel or even iron to help make sure that it is more durable and can withstand the things that it encounters while in the water. If the boat or ship is traveling in the salt water, there are many elements that can and will corrode the metal, so it’s important to ensure that the propellors and anchors can withstand the elements.

*Remember brass is an alloy to begin with as copper and zinc mixed together, when you are also adding nickel or iron to it, it is going to bring the value of the copper down slightly.*

How Do You Scrap Marine Brass?

Marine brass is a great items to scrap, but many people think that it is all Bronze, when many times it is a different alloy and your scrap yards should be able to help you figure out what it is by having an analyzer on location to see what materials are inside. If you aren’t sure about the metals you have or what they can be made up of, you can also send a couple pictures to the scrappers on the iScrap Metal Forum and ask for their opinion, they may have a good idea.

Bon Voyage Scrappers!!!

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