Metal Monday: Hard Drives, The Computer Brain

scrap hard drive boardsDoes memory in a computer actually store memory…no it does not, but we will talk about that another day. Today we will talk about where the storage is on a computer, the hard drive. Hard drives are essential for all computers to operate at all. With all of the software that runs computers located on the hard drive…you have to have a large section of it dedicated to the hard drive to have your computers run.

What Is A Hard Drive?

Now let’s go into the fun parts about the hard drive…the scrap. On the outside of a hard drive, there is a circuit board that is very valuable…but also difficult to remove. One thing that you need to know about hard drive boards is that they are worth more than most normal Motherboards due to the high demand that is placed on the inside of the computers. The boards on the Hard Drives are very difficult to get off because they are normally attached with different screws then your normal Philips head of flathead screw. They have star patterns and other specialty patterns that make them very difficult to get removed.

What Is Inside A Hard Drive?

Inside of the hard drive, there is a multitude of metals including steel, aluminum, and often times alnico magnets. Many of the magnets inside nowadays are neodymium magnets which are attached to a steel plate. The magnets inside of the hard drive are used to help rotate the disks inside of the hard drive to read the data that is stored on them. It is a very complex operation to understand how they work, but you can use those magnets for scrap purposes or to take them to a scrap yard and sell them. Hope this helps out!

How Much Are Scrap Hard Drives Worth?

Be sure when you have computers towers, you may want to grab those hard drives before you scrap the whole unit. Sometimes you can find that you don’t have to take apart your computer towers, but it can pay off to grab those hard drives out. The price of scrap hard drives can vary from $0.40-0.75/lb. and the hard drive boards can range around $2.00-3.00/lb. It can pay off big dividends if you separate them from your computers.

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