Metal Monday: Fall Scrapping Tips

slippery leaves on roadHowdy iScrappers!

With the Fall seeming to be here, we can’t believe where the time has gone. You might be getting ready to look for some Fall clean outs going on in your town or the area around you and we have a couple of things that you can look out for.

Garage sales are going on and these are a perfect place to look for hidden gems. Sometimes there are items that people have for sale that you can buy and then turn around and sell for scrap metal at 2-3 times the value that you paid.

Some items that are on that list:

  1. Wires. Old connections for computers and extension cords.
  2. Grills- Some people just want them out…you see $$$.
  3. Electronics- Old VCR’s, old computers, and other items might be sitting in the bottom of the box ripe for you to pick out and scrap.

Tell us what items that you have had success with and we will pass that knowledge along. Scrap Ya Later!

– Tom

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