Cast Vs. Die Cast Aluminum

die cast aluminum

Cast aluminum all looks the same, right? Well, what if you go to sell it, and your scrap yard labels it as Die Cast, and you have no idea what that is? Let’s review Die Cast and how you can differentiate between it and other metals.

What’s the Difference?

Die-cast has zinc inside of it, one of the metals that makes up the compound of die-cast metals. Die-cast will commonly be used in lamps. When you break or cut the die-cast, you will see a silvery-looking color and a crystal pattern on the cut or the break.

On the other hand, when you cut into cast aluminum, it will be a much duller color and softer. The softness will be because of the greater amount of aluminum in the Cast Aluminum mix, but there will still be another hardener in it, like copper, to help make the metal stronger.

What do I do at the yard?

When you have different types of aluminum, it can get confusing when you are going to your scrap yard. Some yards will accept all types of aluminum at the same price, but others will accept different types and have completely separate pricing for them. You’ll want to call ahead and ask about the different rates they purchase aluminum for. Knowing what to expect before getting to your yard is just as important as selling scrap metal. If you are prepared the right way, you can get in and get out sooner with the right money in your hand.

If you want to learn about other types of aluminum, be sure to check out our YouTube videos.

Still not sure about the differences? Just send us some pictures, and we will help you figure out what you have and what you can sell it for.

Until next week, scrap ya later!