Metal Monday: Common Household Items

scrapping household itemsEver wake up, hit the alarm clock and just want to throw it against the wall? Well…sometimes those old alarm clocks and other household electronics are great items to be able to scrap. Many of the newer clocks will mostly be plastic, but a lot of the old ones have metal frames as well as small circuit boards inside of them. These circuit boards will be considered low grade boards, but they are still worth more then light iron or steel prices.

Getting Low Grade Boards

A lot of household electronics have steel and smaller low grade circuit boards that you can sell at your local yard. Sometimes there are still circuit boards even if the outer case is made of plastic. This is where becoming an “Expert” scrapper and having experience will really come into play.

Other Items

A lot of people might pass by some of the lower grade items like clocks, microwaves, alarm systems, and other weird things, but those are great items to be able to cash in at your local yard. Don’t forget you can always send us pictures of what you have or post them to our iScrap Metal Forum.

Scrap ya later!

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