Metal Monday: Ceramic Magnets?

stereo speakers for magnetsHave you ever listened to music before? Maybe you got curious as a kid or as a scrapper and took apart an old stereo or a speaker to see what was inside. Most of the time you will just see plastic, wood, and then you will find something interesting…a magnet. Many people wonder if these magnets are worth a lot of money based off of previous articles and videos that the iScrap App team has done on magnets…but we hate to be the bearer of bad news today.

What Are Stereo Speaker Magnets Made From?

Speaker magnets are ceramic magnets and have no metal in them. You won’t be able to take them and sell them to a scrap yard but you will be able to utilize them in your scrapping endeavours. You will be able to use these magnets to test ferrous vs. non-ferrous metals and that will prove to be a very worthwhile tool to have on hand. Sometimes you can never have enough magnets around, especially when you are on the road and some fall off of your truck or even stay stuck to the scrap steel that you have found.

Magnetic Broom for Picking Up Nails

Ceramic speakers magnets might let you down when you think that you have a major score and you think that you have alnico magnets (which can be most commonly found inside of hard drives), but magnets are always a great tool to have on hand.hard drive alnico magnet

Hope this nifty scrap tip finds you well, until next time, scrap ya later!


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