Man Electrocutes Himself Stealing Copper

If you are looking for a quick payout at your local scrap yard by recycling some copper wire or pipe, there are several ways to collect it safely and legally. Below we have video evidence of a perfect example of how NOT to “find” scrap copper.

You can see in the video the man is trying to use long cutters to get into the electrical panel to cut out some copper wire and cable. While we do give him points for wearing a hardhat, he immediately loses all of those points and then some when proceeds to try to steal material and he electrocutes himself doing it.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 7.55.53 AMWe have always stressed that the theft in the scrap metal industry and other industries have to stop. Theft doesn’t benefit anyone in the long run. Those that are stealing scrap will develop bad habits and it will catch up to them.

If you are looking to really make a living or some extra cash on the side from recycling scrap metal, there are several things you want to avoid when looking for scrap.

  • Don’t Assume: When you assume that metal laying around is for the taking, think again. If you are on private or commercial property you DO NOT have the right to take the metal for yourself. The best option is to find the owner of the material and ask if they are looking to have it removed, you may be in luck and they say yes!
  • Don’t Trespass: If there is a fence, wall, sign, or another obstacle that is obviously trying to keep people away, then stay away. If you are trespassing property and taking materials you can bet that there is probably a camera or someone watching, including guard dogs. It is better to make a real connection with a company and give them your information for any scrap metal they may need removed.
  • Use Your Gut: When you are in a situation that doesn’t “feel” right or it seems off, then it probably is. If you feel that you are taking materials that don’t belong to you or you don’t have full permission to move them, then don’t. Check with the owner of the scrap metal and ask to be sure.

Remember the more thieves that are out trying to steal metal, makes it harder for all the other hard working and legitimate scrappers out there. Don’t damper the industry for a few extra bucks at the scrap yard. Use our helpful marketing tips for your scrap service to help you expand your business in the right way.

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