Making Scrap Metal Money from Sports Equipment

scrapping sports equipmentWith the seasons constantly changing, that means the sports seasons are changing, and that means you can look to sports for scrap. Many times in team sports there are new regulations that go into effect and require players to purchase new equipment and get rid of their old stuff. With other sports or fitness routines, some people just want fresh equipment, so they are looking for someone or somewhere to get rid of it. We put together some of the most common sports equipment you can keep a look out for scrap metal.

Scrapping Sports Equipment

There are plenty of sports that require equipment made from metal. Many different sports and many different types of metal can be recycled from them. Also be sure to check with your local scrap yard in your area to make sure they accept the equipment you have. And have them analyze or test the metal if you aren’t sure what it is.

At The Gym

There are plenty of things that can be used at a gym or even in the basement of fitness fans that can be scrapped.
  • Hand Weights – Usually made from iron or with steel handles with rubber weights on the end, hand weights can be scrapped for the weight, which is easy to figure out. Just look at the number.
  • Bench Press Bars – Usually made from steel and the standard weight of them are anywhere from 25-50 pounds by themselves.
  • Bikes – Whether they are stationary or regular, bikes can be scrapped usually for aluminum or steel price. Stationary bikes will have steel and an electric motor inside.
  • Fitness Equipment – Big and bulky equipment like treadmills and ellipticals, can pay off with both steel, copper, motors, aluminum, and stainless steel. Often times homeowners are looking for people to pick them up for scrap.

On The Field

There are many team sports that use different sticks and bats that can be scrapped once they are no longer needed.
  • Lacrosse Sticks – They usually have a plastic basket with the netting on the top, but the stick itself is either aluminum or titanium. If you aren’t sure be sure to scratch the metal, white and soft will be aluminum and hard and grey will be titanium.
  • Baseball/Softball Bats – Before they hit the major leagues with wooden ones, baseball and softball bats are often times made from aluminum. However newer models are often composite bats (graphite, carbon fiber, fiberglass) and wouldn’t be worth scrapping.
  • Pitching Machines – When they are too old to continue to pitch during practices, pitching machines can be scrapped for steel and the electric motor.

Hitting The Greens & The Slopes

During both the winter and summer months there are a few popular sports that require metal equipment that can be scrapped.
  • Golf Clubs – The irons, are ironically often made from titanium or stainless steel shafts. Only the heads are made from iron. You can check them with a scratch test to see what kind of metal you have. Stainless steel with be hard and silver in color, whereas titanium will be hard and a dull grey in color.
  • Ski Poles – During the winter months the northerners will often be found on the slopes with ski poles. Those poles are usually made from aluminum and can be scrapped.

Think Before You Scrap

While there is plenty of sports equipment that can be scrapped for their metal, be aware of the situation. First off make sure that you have permission to take the equipment. If you do, check out the condition of the equipment. If it is completely trashed and can’t safely be used again, than be sure to scrap it. If it is good condition can possibly be reused you have a couple options. You can try to resell it online for a higher profit than you would get at the scrap yard. Or if you are kind enough, perhaps there is a local town or foundation that accepts donated used sports equipment.