Make Your Scrap Yard Trip Easy and Efficient

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Going to the scrap yard with a large load of scrap can be quite overwhelming for the scrapper and the scrap yard. There are some ways to prepare and keep in mind to make your trip to the scrap yard quick and easy.

Make your trip to the scrap yard and easy and successful one!

Things To Do Before Going To The Scrap Yard:

  • Know Your Metals: Know what kind of materials you have ready to scrap before heading to the yard. Do your research and separate your material properly. This can save you time at the scrap yard and also make you more money by separating the correct grades of metals. You can view some helpful videos on separating your material on iScrap App’s YouTube Channel.
  • Find Scrap Prices Online: Do your homework on scrap prices. It’s important to have an idea of where the markets are at and how they have been acting over the last few months or weeks. If you haven’t been to the scrap yard in quite some time, the prices could be significantly different. Depending on the market conditions, yards could also be paying different prices based on the quantity of what you have. You can use the iScrap App to search for scrap yard pricing and local reported prices from other scrappers.
  • Find Best Scrap Yard: Find the best scrap yard in your area. When you have high priced items like copper, brass, or aluminum, you may not get the best prices when you go to a yard that buys mostly steel. Knowing the difference between non-ferrous and ferrous metals is important. So you may want to have a yard that you visit with non-ferrous metals and another yard you visit when you have ferrous metals like steel and iron.
  • Call Before You Go: Call the scrap yard ahead of time and find out what time they close and what price they pay for the materials you have. Also, if you have any questions about material you have, this may a good time to ask them. OR don’t forget you can use the iScrap App to find out most of this information without picking up the phone like, view hours, pricing and more from the scrap yards in your area.

Things To Do Once You’re At The Scrap Yard:

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  • Know The Laws: Have your license or other papers ready if your scrap yard requires identification to scrap with them. Depending on the laws of the state some scrap yards are required to keep your records and photos/videos of your scrap yard trip on file to prevent theft. The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) provides guidelines for all of the different state laws that are required in the scrap industry.
  • Go To The Right Place: Know what scales, doors or sections of the scrap yard that you have to drive up to with your materials. Once you get to the proper place, begin to unload your material into the correct bins if no one is available to help you. Or if there is a line at the door, you can look for a container to begin unloading and have you material waiting for the next available spot. If you have never been to a scrap yard before, this could be something you ask before heading in so your trip can be efficient.
  • Ask Questions: If some of the scrap yard workers are able to help you unload your material make sure you know what material stays together and separated. That way you can make the most from your scrap. Also if you have any questions about how you should prepare your metals before your next trip (if you didn’t do it correctly), be sure to ask the scale managers for tips, this will make it easier for everyone next time.
  • Think Safety First: Don’t forget to follow the instructions of those working at the scrap yard, as they have your safety in mind and want to get you in and out quickly. Be sure to look around for any safety signs, instructions, or prohibited areas. The last thing you want to do is put yourself or others in a situation that could be potentially harmful.

Things To Do After Your Visit To The Scrap Yard:

  • Check Your Receipt: Before you leave the scrap yard or even the area, be sure to check and double check your receipt that you received from your scrap yard. Be sure to check the types of metals they weighed and if you weighed your material before, if the numbers match. Also be sure to check the metals they classified to ensure they priced them correctly. If you have any discrepancies, be sure to ask for a manager to help you and explain the problem.
  • Count Your Cash: If your scrap yard hands out cash for your metals, be sure to count it a few times to ensure that it matches the right amount on your receipt. If for some reason it’s incorrect, be sure to immediately go back to the yard and count it with them. Some scrap yards pay by check either by choice or the law, so if that is the case be sure that the amount on the check matches it on the receipt.
  • Grab Your Bins: If you use your own containers and bins to collect and transport your metals to the scrap yard, be sure to collect them from the scrap yard after they’ve emptied and weighed them. Also be sure to check your receipt to ensure they took off the correct weight for the containers if they weighed them with your metals.
  • Check Your Tires: While this isn’t something that we like to happen, unfortunately it’s part of the industry. Often times scrap yards have a lot of nails and other sharp objects on the ground and there is a risk of them going into your tires. Be sure to check your tires before leaving to ensure they are inflated and don’t have any debris sticking in them.

Maybe some of the scrap yards you deal with don’t have an elaborate system of unloading and weighing but either way try to learn the best and simplest way to get in and out of the yard without creating more work for yourself and others.

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