It’s Movember: Join The iScrap App Team For Men’s Health

MovemberNow that Halloween is over and the NFL Season seems to be in full swing, it’s time to get some buzz around Men’s Health and all those guys with moustaches walking around. Some of your may be aware of the Movember Movement for the month of November. Most people know the movement as encouraging men to grow their moustaches during the month, but the mission behind to movement is to get you moving and bring awareness to men’s health issues.

Movember: Men’s Health Movement in November

Wondering how it got started? The Movember movement got started with a few friends in Australia wanting to bring back the style and fashion of the moustache back in 2003. With such a great reception, the movement grew the next year to focus on using the power of the moustache to raise money towards men’s health issues and organizations. As of 2014, the movement has grown over 4.7 million participants and over $650 million raised for over 1000 men’s health projects, all since 2003.

So what is the point of it? The Movember movement not only encourages participants to go unshaven above the lip for the month, but also bring awareness to the forefront for men’s health issues like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and physical inactivity. With these the focus of the movement, it encourages men to get screened, learn about these deadly diseases, and get moving to be active.

Movember Areas of Interest for Men's Health

How To Participate In Movember

The iScrap App Team is taking a lead and have created a team for the Movember movement. You can easily join (sign up with Facebook) and begin fundraising as part of the scrap metal industry team. We want to raise money during November to help not only our loved ones and friends, but also make an impact on the scrap industry which is composed of roughly 90% men. Join the iScrap App Team and begin fundraising to help men’s health.

Join The iScrap App Movember Team

Some Ideas for Fundraising

When fundraising for a good cause, we have some tips that can help you with your fundraising goals to help bring light to your Movember space.

  • Put aside each time you visit the scrap yard. If you visit a few times this month, it can add up to $20-40 that you can make a personal donation to.
  • Ask your scrap yard if they have any charity giving this month and if they are willing to contribute.
  • Perhaps you can ask some friends and family to donate to your page.
  • Ask your boss if they do any make donations as a company, sometimes you donate a company will match your donation.
  • For additional fundraising tips, check some of the ideas that Movember provides you with.

Want To Donate? You Can Do That Here.

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