It Pays Off When Scrapping In Teams

Many scrappers automatically think that they can only scrap by themselves, in fear of competition. Well, that’s not the case. Here at iScrap App, we like to think, “Those that scrap together, cash in together.”

Start working with others to make your scrapping more worthwhile.

There are many ways that scrappers can work together and gain more experience, money and save time if they work as a team.

You Can Carpool Together

As mentioned in a previous post, carpooling with other scrappers can save a lot of money for gas and also the wear and tear on your truck or car. If you or a scrapping friend don’t have very large loads, load one vehicle and make just one trip to the scrap yard to save yourselves some extra money.

Helping Hands While Scrapping

Have one of those big loads that you collected together or have one large item to be scrapped? Get your scrapping partner to help you load your truck together, especially larger objects and you can prevent injury and save time by asking for a helping hand.

Double The Work & Splitting Earnings

If you get a partner scrapper to scrap with you can both split the earnings of the money together that way you both can get a share of it. Work together to find large loads and then turn them in together. If you have two workers helping each other, you will be able to get more work down and tackle larger jobs.

Scrap Smarter Together

Two brains are better than one, and by having two thoughts on moving scrap you will learn from each other and do things smarter. Learn from each other what works and what doesn’t, that way you can spend your time scrapping smarter.

Alert Each Other

By working together as a scrapping team, you can alert each other of new loads or work being done in their areas. Who knows, maybe you can help with the latest new job and split the earnings while carpooling together.

All of these options for working together as a scrap team can help everyone. Why not work together and not against each other. If you find a good scrap-panion you can make more money and waste less time.

Find more people to work with at our iScrap App Facebook Group.

**Remember to always use safety gear while scrapping, helmet, eyewear, and gloves**

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