iScrapper of the Month

iscrapper-of-the-monthThe iScrap App we are going to be looking for The iScrapper Of The Month. We will be starting this October 2016, and the first iScrapper Of The Month will be chosen for November 2016. Of course with the title of The iScrapper Of Month you will need to show us that you have what it takes! Here are the requirements to be chosen:

  • Consistently reporting your scrap prices.
  • Social Media interactions on the following:
  • Commenting on our blogs, like this one.
  • Being interactive on our forum:
  • Make a How To Video for either Facebook or our forum
    • Video must be sent through Facebook messenger and be one minute and thirty seconds (1:30) long or under.

We are sure that you are wondering what you will get if you are picked to be The iScrapper Of The Month! You will be sent a questionnaire, you will fill out the questionnaire, then we will write a blog all about YOU! That blog will be featured a couple times throughout the month on our various social media sites.

Who has what it takes to be The iScrapper Of The Month?

Email us with questions and more details.