iScrap App Shows How to Connect with Customers

Recently Tom Buechel, Creator of the iScrap App, explained to scrap yards and the recycling industry how he connects and maintains relationships with his customers at his scrap yard, Rockaway Recycling, in North New Jersey. It was feature in the industry leading publication, Recycling Today and later reposted on Earth911’s Business Website.

“Its easy to find industry information online. COMEX (Chicago Mercantile Exchange), LME (London Metal Exchange) and stock market prices are often just a few keystrokes away. What can be harder to find is scrap yards that publish their prices on their websites.

While some scrap yards feel the need to hide their pricing from competitors, many others have begun publishing this information on their websites and have seen an increase in virtual traffic to their websites as well as actual traffic to their yards as a result.

Before considering whether publishing your scrap metal prices can hurt your company, think for a moment about why you continue to visit many of the same websites every day. If websites such as CNN, ESPN, MSN and financial websites didnt update their information daily, would people continue to visit them? No, most likely.

Shouldnt that be the same theory behind your scrap yards online presence? What is the one thing that you can provide your customers with that would bring them back to your website daily? The answer is simple: Prices. By providing your customers with information they are interested in, they will continue to come back to your website regularly.”

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