iScrap App Hacks: Resourceful Tips

The iScrap App is a great tool to use while on the go with your scrap metal recycling or if you are looking for resources in the scrap industry. The iScrap App has thousands of users using the app through Android and iOS devices. Also with over millions of views online, the iScrap App is a great central place for everything scrap metal.

Below we have listed some of the hacks for the iOS iScrap App and some features that you may not have known were there. Got questions or concerns? Email us at

Homepage & National Price Averages

When opening the iScrap App you will be directed to a welcome screen (see below). You will be able to see the current national price averages that is updated by the iScrap App Team Monday thru Friday. What some people may not know is that you can “scroll down” on that screen and see some more information. *Note: Those national prices are for resources only. No scrap yards are held to those prices, check a yard’s iScrap App listing for their prices or contact them.

Refreshing Your Locator Map

Want to browse a different region you are looking to do some work at? Use the map to scroll around the area and once you have got to your desired location new pins should drop. If you want to zoom in or out to see more yards listed in the area you can do that by pinching the map screen in and out. If you want to get the latest information from your last visit to the iScrap App, hit the refresh button (circle arrow) on the top left of the screen to refresh the information. *Bonus* You can also select and deselect the type of yards you want to see between scrap yards and auto wreckers.

See National Prices On All Basic Listings

While the iScrap App Team’s goal is to have every scrap yard in the US and Canada listed as Preferred iScrap App Listings, we’re not perfect…yet. So if you are searching through our locations and come across a basic yard (red or green plain pin), you can still see information that is helpful for you. Not only will you be able to view the basic contact information for the listing (Name, Address, & Phone Number) but you can also view the national price averages in the price section. This is only to be used for reference only and NOT to be considered the price for the yard you are currently viewing.

Viewing Recent Searches

You can view the recent listings you have visit through the app by selecting “Recent” from the map. You can also view the recent prices you have viewed by selecting the pricing section on the bottom of the app’s navigation. Once you are there you can see “Nearby” and “Recent”. By selecting recent you will be able to see the listings that you have visited in the last few days on the app. This can help when you are looking to catch up on the scrap prices in your area, you can come back and view a few days later to see if anything has changed.

Using The Metal List Glossary

On the “More” menu, users can access a variety of resources in the iScrap App starting with the “Metal List””. This list is has a full glossary of scrap metals and materials that scrap yards often purchase across the country. While there may be duplicated materials, there are several names for various metals so they are all listed so you know what you’re looking at. Also there are more details about the individual metals when you select them from the list. You will be able to see a picture and short description of the metal and where it is usually found. This is a great tool to help you identify scrap metal while you are on the go. You can also select the metals from the type of material, non-ferrous, ferrous, and electronic.

Suggesting A Scrap Yard or Auto Wrecker

Are you searching through your area and notice that your favorite scrap yard is not listed on the iScrap App. Head over the to “More” menu and you can enter the information for the yard that is missing from our directory. We will receive your information and confirm with the location that they are in business. It helps us, help you by putting your favorite scrap yard on our directory for your own benefit.

iScrap Metal Forum On The Go

The iScrap Metal Forum is a great feature for our audience to interact and communicate with other scrappers across the globe. It is a great tool to use for asking questions, posting pictures of recent loads, providing money-making tips, and more. When you are on the go you can join the iScrap Metal Forum for free and start to chat about scrap with other scrappers.


If you have any questions or would like to see other features on the iScrap App, contact us today at and we will be able to help out. If you have downloaded the iScrap App yet, be sure to do so on iOS and Android.