iScrap App Hacks: Resourceful Tips

While on the go, the iScrap App is a great tool to aid your scrap metal recycling or if you are looking for resources in the scrap industry. The iScrap App has thousands of users using the app through Android and iOS devices. Also, with millions of views online, the iScrap App is a great central place for everything scrap metal.

Below, we have listed some helpful tips for the iScrap App and some features you may not have known were there. Do you have questions or concerns? Email us at [email protected].

Use Our Dashboard For Everything At A Glance

When opening the iScrap App, you will be directed to the dashboard (see below). You can see the current national price averages for the most popular metals. These prices are updated by the iScrap App Team Monday through Friday. We made our dashboard a homepage for everything you need from the iScrap App.

We have 3 new headers pinned to the top of your screen for easy access.

  • Did you sell your metal? This will take you to our price reporting page.
  • Sell your catalytic converter. This will take you to a quote page from our sister company,
  • Scrap your old car now. This will open…..

If you continue to scroll down, you will see the “Scrap Yards Near Me” Feature, which uses your location to determine which yards in our database are closest to you. Lastly, at the bottom of the page are our most recent blogs. As new content is created, they will cycle out.

*Note: Those national prices are for resources only. No scrap yards are held to those prices; check a yard’s iScrap App listing for their prices or contact them.*

Download The iScrap App

Android & iOS

Find Everything You Need For Specific Metals

Use our prices page (marked with the “$” sign at the bottom of the app) to find prices on a particular metal you’re looking for. You can filter between Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, and Electronic Materials for ease of use. Once you find the material you need, click on it, and you will be directed to a page with all the information you could need about it:

  • National Price trends
  • User Price Submission History
  • Information about the material
  • An option to submit your reported price for the yard of your choosing.

Use the Search Page for Both Yards AND Metals

If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can always jump to the search function on the iScrap App and look for whatever Yard or Metal you need.

The Best Part of Using Our Yard Profiles

If you are looking for a particular yard, you can click on our “Home” Icon, and the iScrap App will use your location to determine the yards nearest to you. Once you select a yard, there are many options at your disposal. For example, you can:

  • Submit a price for that particular yard
  • Check the average price as reported by users.
  • Check the address, business hours, and contact information.
  • Request Services

Learn More About Scrap

You can go to our “Resources” section (marked with the book icon) to learn more about various topics relating to scrap. at iScrap, we are currently adding at least one new topic per week so there is always more new content to learn about.

Get A Catalytic Converter Quote Today!

As the heading suggests, the last icon on the bottom right of the iScrap App leads you to a form. This form will set you up for a price quote on your Catalytic Converter from our sister company,

Contact Us and Change between $USD and $CAD

We haven’t forgotten about our Canadian brethren. You can switch to Canadian pricing if you look up Canadian yards on the app. On the top right of the iScrap App, there is a drop-down menu that will give you all the options you see below:

  • Real-time price conversion between US and Canadian Dollars.
  • Contact us with any other questions you may have.

If you have any questions or want to see other features on the iScrap App, contact us today at [email protected], and we can help. If you have downloaded the iScrap App yet, do so on iOS and Android.