iScrap App Creator Featured in Two Notable Publications, Including the NY Times

Rockaway, NJ – The iScrap App, a mobile and online directory to find scrap metal recycling locations and its creator, Tom Buechel has recently been featured in the three questions business section of the Star Ledger, a major NJ regional publication. He was also featured in the real estate section of the NY Times in an article about scrap metal theft.

In the Star Ledger, Buechel was asked about his idea of expanding his own scrap metal recycling business lead to the creation of the iScrap App.
“I saw that the technology was going everywhere, and I wanted to let my customers be connected to me wherever they were on job sites. After thinking about it more, I thought that it could be a service that all scrap yards could benefit from, so I created a separate company.” – Tom Buechel, Star Ledger 3/18/2012

Since the release in 2011, the iScrap App has expanded the industry to the 21st century giving scrap yards an opportunity to gain more customers and advertise more directly to their audience. Buechel also discussed how he was nominated for his recent selection of a Rising Star of the 2012 in the recycling industry by, Waste & Recycling News.

Also featured in the real estate section of the NY Times, Buechel discussed his own scrap yard, Rockaway Recycling’s procedures for stolen material alerts and how his facility takes preventatives of buying stolen material. He spoke about the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries’ site and how it is a useful tool for scrap yards to stay on top of the latest stolen materials reports.

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Since its release in April 2011, the iScrap App has had over 55,000 downloads and since its online version release in October 2011, it has had over 1,000,000 page views.

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