iScrap App Creator Featured in Construction Industry Podcast Tech Tips Segment

Ontario, Canada – Tom Buechel, creator of the iScrap App, the leading mobile directory for scrap yard locations, has recently been featured in the “Tech Tips” segment of the Construction Industry Podcast. He spoke with host, Cesar Abeid about the great benefits that users can gain from the iScrap App by using it on the go to find the latest information and prices from the scrap yards in their area.

Cesar & Tom discussed the iScrap App and advantages construction companies can have to find the nearest scrap yard in their area. The construction industry is constantly dealing with different materials and when they come across scrap metal, they can use the iScrap App to locate the nearest scrap yard to view current prices, information, and more. They also have the ability to request large containers for scrap metal at job sites through the app.

The Construction Industry Podcast is hosted by the project manager, Cesar Abeid, of Remontech, a construction site monitoring company. Remontech provides customers live construction site monitoring, time-lapse recording, project scheduling and more through their advance systems of camera monitoring stations. They provide the security construction crews need while away from their job sites.

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