Is There Any Money In Recycling Paper?

recycling paper for scrap money

Paper is one of the weirdest items to think about scrapping…but believe it or not, it has significant value. Paper is a great material to be able to sell…Only if you can find the right place to sell it to. Not many normal scrap yards will buy paper (many different kinds of paper, ranging from cardboard to newspaper or normal handouts), and you have to make sure to separate them.

Which Yards Will Take Paper?

Because the paper recycling industry has not been one that has been a big business, there are not many places (like scrap yards) where you can bring paper and cash it in. Some progressive recycling/green states like California might allow you to, but many places will not. Paper is similar to steel in that you have to have a lot of weight to get paid for it.

So, if you decide you’re up to the task, reach out to yards in your area to see if they take paper materials. In the worst case, they tell you NO; in the best case, they put you in contact with a yard that does.

Questions about paper recycling are still not the easiest to answer, but if you work with some members of our Facebook Group, you can learn more about it!

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