Is the Scrap Worth the Strip?

Many of our Scrapper Tips emails that go out have some great tips in them and are useful for every day scrapping and general knowledge of making more money on your scrap. The follow discusses whether the wire load you have is worth taking the time to strip it down to bare bright or #2 copper wire.

What is your goal while scrapping?

Hopefully it is trying to make the most money you can with the materials you have.
While many scrappers may get a large amount of materials at once, sometimes the smaller loads are the ones that are tricky. Deciding whether to strip it/break it down or leaving it for more weight can be difficult to decide.
It is a good general rule to strip your wires or cables if they are thicker than a pencil. Also keep in mind when considering to strip your wire if it will be worth the time to you.
Estimate how much you get paid an hour compared to how much more you will be making if you strip the wire you have. If you break even it may not be worth it, however if you make more than you normally would, it could be worth your time.
Another option would be to wait and save up your wire if you are expecting to receive more. If you have a smaller amount but are expecting to get a few jobs in the immediate future with more wire you can wait to strip the total amount.
As for whole units like A/C’s, computer towers, electric motors, sealed units and more, it depends on how much work and time you are willing to put in to it. If you have time like on a rainy day or over the weekend to take these items apart they can be making your more money.
Also remember you can always get wires to strip from regular electrical items that you may be taking apart for scrap like from TV’s, computers, radios, DVD’s player, electric motors, and anything else with a wire that is able to be cut off. Also always remember to unplug and make sure the item you are taking apart or cutting a wire from is completely drained of any power.
Be sure to check out our blog post about getting your wire ready for the scrap yard after you have stripped it or have separated it correctly.

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