Is It OK To Scrap Food Cans?

Food cans for scrap metal

Food cans, whether from drinks or food, can be a tough item to eliminate, and having some tips about what to do with them will help. There are a lot of scrap yards that will not even accept food cans of any type, and if that is the case, it is best to call ahead of time. Here are a few tips if you find a scrap yard that does.

How To Prepare Food Cans for the Scrap Yard

  • Wash out the cans ahead of time. One thing that no scrap yard wants is food particles that will be all over the metal that they are trying to sell.
  • Try not to crush them. Even though it may take up more space, scrap yards like to see that the cans are empty and nothing is left inside them.
  • Sort aluminum vs. steel cans. Not all food cans were made to be the same, and knowing that they are different is half of the battle…the other half is separating them. Use your magnet to tell the difference between aluminum and steel.

When you are collecting cans, keep in mind where you are getting them from. If you are collecting them from residential or commercial property, it is safer to ask for permission before taking them. Remember, trespassing even to collect scrap metal is illegal.

When you are scrapping food cans, it is similar to aluminum cans. Sometimes, scrap yards may not accept them, or they may have certain restrictions for accepting them. They may ask them not to be crushed or encourage you to wash them out. So be sure to ask a few questions when you are preparing them.