Increase Scrap Profits With These Must-Have Tools

Based on surveys with scrappers, we’ve compiled the ultimate scrapper’s tool guide using our years of experience, trial and error, and scrapper suggestions. We’re not saying you should have every tool on this list, but these are probably the most common and the most widely used in the scrapper profession. Dismantling and separating your scrap by grade is probably one of the easiest ways to increase the value of your scrap, and utilizing some of the tools from this guide will help you bring in more cash.

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Best Options While Scrapping

There are different brands of reciprocating saws, also known as sawzalls, and everyone has their preference. The two most popular variations are battery-powered and your standard corded electric saw. There are benefits for both of them: 

Battery Powered

  • Pros:
    • Portable
    • Easier to get into tight spots 
    • It can be used on metal, wood, plastics, and several other materials
  • Cons:
    • Battery life could be short, depending on how you use the tools.
    • No battery charger = no more cutting
    • No extra battery = no more cutting
    • Extra batteries cost more money and require a longer recoup to return the investment. 
    • More expensive


  • Pros:
    • Power does not run out unless you trip the breaker or lose power
    • No extra battery is needed or any batteries needed 
    • More affordable
  • Cons:
    • Not portable without a generator or power source 
    • Need extension cords most of the time

Best Drills For Scrapping

Like reciprocating saws (and most tools in general), everyone has their preference. Some like different hammer drills, while others like the basic screw gun with no bells or whistles.  We have talked to many scrappers who like to use different drills for different materials and applications; we love hearing answers like that. Let’s get into the different types of drills.

Corded vs. Cordless

Corded: Like most tools, the debate on what type of drill you prefer to use and where you want to use it is a priority. If you have a home shop or garage, you will be better off using a corded drill for nonstop reliability and not worrying about changing the batteries. 

Cordless: Easy to use and on the go, which is a plus. We suggest having all of the same types of battery-sized tools when you begin to go cordless so that you can interchange all of the batteries from tool to tool. You also can move around and navigate differently with cordless drills.

Hammer Drills

While most people don’t have a daily use for a hammer drill, these could be some of the most useful tools when taking things apart. Hammer drills have different settings that help them drill or take things out differently and more powerfully. You can use a hammer drill as a regular drill; it’s often suggested that you have two separate drills because if you have the wrong setting on the hammer drill, sometimes it could be too strong and possibly strip the screws or break them.

Best Screwdriver Bit Kits For Scrapping

You can buy many different types of kits to use with your tools, but getting ones that serve different purposes is essential. Some specific drill bit kits focus on different size Phillips heads, and flat-head screwdriver ends that are extremely useful to have, and when you buy these, make sure you get ones with different lengths and thicknesses. Not all screws are made the same way, and you want to make sure that you have the right fit for the right job to get whatever you’re taking apart or putting back together done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Different Types of Bits

We all have been in that place one time where there is a hex bit or a bit that you need a different end for, and you can’t find it in the toolbox. Having a specific set of different bits will make your scrapping life much easier, as you’ll be able to have different sizes and different shapes to fit all your needs when they arise.

Different Drill Bits

Having the right drill bit for the right job will make your life tremendously easier. Having different sizes will make it even better, and we have found that using some of the DeWalt sets has been some of the best tools to use while scrapping. Sometimes it’s easier to drill a screw out than it is to take it out, and by using these titanium drill bits, you’ll be able to see a great amount of power coming from them as long as you’re using the right tool to go with it. Having multiple sizes might seem excessive, but over time, you will see that you will either use or need all the different sizes at different periods.

Drill Bit Adapters

Sometimes, you might be using a 3/8 drill and have a half-inch bit or vice versa, and having the right adapters to ensure that you can use your tools in any way, shape, or form will make your scrapping life much easier. We suggest always having multiple adapters to ensure that you cover all of your bases.

Best Copper Wire Strippers


A tabletop wire stripper is perfect for those who are stripping a few hundred pounds of copper per month. There are several different affordable options for you to check out, but here’s one of our favorites.


For all you big-time scrappers out there, this is for you. If you’re stripping over 1,000 pounds a month of copper, it’s time to upgrade and make the investment in an automatic wire stripper. It’ll save you loads of time and make you a ton of extra cash.

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Best Work Lights

We found these great emergency LED floodlights that we bring wherever we go. Whether looking at job sites, working inside dimly lit areas, or just looking for a little extra light on a cloudy day, these portable LED kits have been handy in all our different jobs. On top of that, they can charge your cell phone when you’re on the go or out at a job site.

Screwdriver Kits

We all love using our power tools; sometimes, going with an old-school screwdriver is better. What’s more important is having multiple screwdrivers for different lengths and thicknesses and different heads on them. We found a really nice magnetic screwdriver kit with all the different bits we need daily, giving us multiple options when we have to go and use them.

They make interchangeable screwdrivers with different heads on them; we have always been fans of the classic screwdriver.