Importance Of Taking Pictures Of Your Scrap Metal

how to take pictures of scrap

This tip may not have to do with sorting or separating metal, but it does involve making money. One great idea is ALWAYS to ask questions and take pictures or videos.

When you go to your local scrap yard, ask them if you can have a small tour around to see the different ways to sort and separate your metals. You might see a metal you have ignored or not cleaned in the past, and snapping a quick picture will help you remember it later.

Always ask to take a picture before just taking it. Some scrap yards have specific rules against pictures or videos being taken in their yard for privacy and personal reasons, so make sure to ask beforehand. Some people have posted pictures they are not allowed to take, which could lead to legal problems.

Taking pictures and making notes is a great way to remember and organize yourself for future scrapping, learning, and growing your scrap metal knowledge.

Some examples of when you may want to take some photos of your scrap metal are:

  • When you are trying to get a quote for your copper cable or wire from your scrap yard, it can help identify the type of copper wire scrap you have.
  • Photograph the before and after clean-out area if you go to a job site. It can be helpful for your scrapping business and showing off your work.
  • Sometimes, you can come across items that can be resold or auctioned off instead of going into the scrap pile. Taking a photo to do some research can help.
  • Show off your latest load of copper pipe or aluminum gutters. It doesn’t hurt to be a “know-it-all” scrapper sometimes.

Some tips when taking photos of your scrap metal:

  • Be sure to protect the lens on your camera or smartphone when you are around scrap metal.
  • Try to take a horizontal photo to capture the bigger picture of the scrap you are looking at.
  • Zoom into the details of wires or parts when looking for specific information. It will be easier to identify what you are scrapping.
  • Be sure to set the lens to focus so you can see details on equipment, appliances, computers, and other items that you may be able to sell later online.