Ice Boat Made with Saw Blade Motor

And who said Winter was over? This guy invented his mode of transportation on the iced-over lakes and ponds in his area.

What do you get when you combine a cold winter, some creativity, and old machines? Usually, you wouldn’t think it would be a Sled Ice Machine made with a saw blade. This is one crazy invention. So if you’re feeling up to the task, grab a scrap aluminum boat, an old motor, a saw and start building. But be warned, do this at your own risk.

This unique invention combines sled blades with an aluminum boat, an old engine, and saw blades that grip the ice like nobody’s business. Just be careful not to let the blade drop too far into the ice; you don’t want to get yourself into deep water, literally.

The ice sled boat actually runs pretty well, considering the parts that make it up; this may be a whole new way of getting around in the wintertime. Be warned, snowmobiles, we’re coming for you!