How Your Clothes Are Exactly Like Scrap Metals

It is funny because we always talk about different types of scrap metals and how to dress while scrapping, but we wanted to combine the two for a fun comparison, so let’s see how it works.

Pants or Steel

Pants are one of the first things that you put on in the morning, and because of that…we compared them to steel. Steel is one of the first things that you take out while scrapping. Whether it is the outside of an air conditioner, the I-Beams of a building, or a handle or valve off of a piece of brass. Steel/Pants are integral to going out, building something, or being able to rely on to get you through the day.

Shirts or Aluminum

Aluminum tends to be one of the most reliable and durable metals out there that you can use for so many things….just like that favorite shirt or sweatshirt that you have. You know..that favorite shirt that is faded and might have a few holes in it but it still looks good and gets the job done? That’s aluminum. Aluminum is that metal that can be used in so many applications and seems to always get the job done…think about it, aviation industry….check. Car bodies on newer vehicles…check. Siding on your house…check. Electrical conduit and wire…check. Aluminum is useful, durable, and always is there to last for a long time…granted they can wear out and get holes, but that shirt or aluminum will be around for a really long time.

Shoes or Copper

Copper is one of the most key metals out there and is used in things that we don’t think about day-to-day. Copper is integral inside of smartphones, cell towers, cars and trucks, and any other type of electronic (or electricity for that matter!) that you will use every day. That’s why we picked shoes. Shoes have developed over the years to become one of the staple things that we put on daily…and with multiple activities, during the day you could find yourself using multiple shoes. Think about it…maybe you go to the gym, flip flops for the shower, sneakers for working out, work boots on after your workout. These are all different uses just like copper is in the day-to-day work life.

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(Hard) Hats or Brass

We tell people all of the time not to lose their cool…or blow a gasket, and we thought that we could include brass in this comparison. While you may not wear a baseball hat every day…in the scrap world most people are wearing hard hats and that is how we are going to approach the comparison. While hardhats are not always the sexiest item to wear…they do prove to be an essential item to have and to use every day….just like brass valves.

While brass valves are not the only item that you have to have for water, gas, heat, propane or any other type of liquid that goes through and runs through piping, they are essential. For water bursts, breaks, leaks, etc…you need to have them to shut and protect the rest of the system and that is exactly how hardhats are in the scrap world….you may not need them daily but you have to have them in that one scenario to be able to diffuse and get the situation under control.

Underwear or Insulated Wire

Wire seems to be one of the items that you never see…yet cannot do without it and that’s why we compared it to underwear. Yes, we know that many of you like to “go commando,” but for the masses that still wear underwear and find it essential…we are talking to you.

Wiring for communications like internet, phones, data systems, power into buildings, power throughout rooms, these are all things that hide behind walls, ceilings, and under the ground. These are essential to getting the job done, information and power processed…and making it easier and more comfortable to wear pants and shirts.

We hope that you got a bit of a laugh out of this and were able to think about scrap in a different way…because we have learned under all of the information sometimes you have to get different perspectives.

Scrap ya later!

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