How To Scrap Sealed Units & Compressors

What Are Sealed Units?

Also known as compressors, sealed units are found all over the place. Filled with copper (similar to an electric motor), sealed units are used in air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, and other appliances meant to cool down rooms or food.

Almost always covered by a thick steel case, these units are easy to come by and great for scrapping as long as you know what you’re looking for and how to prepare them properly.

Almost always filled with oil, you want to make sure to drain these units correctly, so you prevent a few different things from occurring.

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Where Can You Find Scrap Compressors?

Common places sealed units are found and typically scrapped from are:

What To Do When Scrapping Sealed Units

  • Ensure the oil is fully drained into a spill-proof container that can be recycled or disposed of properly. Many companies in your area will take this oil for free if you keep it separated from other liquids and ensure it is not contaminated.
  • Wear gloves! The worst thing you can do is to have these sealed units slip and fall…on average, the smallest one will weigh well over 15 pounds and can be misleading to the eye. You don’t want to be crushing your toes below. This is a perfect opportunity to remind you of the safety tips and items needed for scrapping.

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How Do Scrap Yards Buy Compressors or Sealed Units?

Because every scrap yard is different, we always say to check with your local yard to see how they buy sealed units.

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Most scrap yards will require you to drain them of the fluids, including the oils. If you are still bringing in an air conditioner unit or refrigerator with the sealed unit or compressor attached, don’t be surprised if you’re asked about removing the freon from the units.

What are current scrap prices for sealed units or compressors?

Some scrap yards will buy sealed units or compressors similar to the prices of the electric motors. Check the current price for sealed units or compressors to see the latest.