How To Scrap Pewter & Where To Find It

Pewter is another very strange alloy with all types of forms. Pewter can be made into dishes, bowls, and silverware, but generally, you will find pewter scrap when looking for decorative pieces.

You won’t go to Walmart or Sears to buy silverware for your homemade from pewter…but if you find it in scrap, it could be a great score.

What Is Pewter Made Of?

Pewter generally contains the element tin, and because we have defined tin before, you know we are not talking about steel or light iron. The high content of Tin could make for an excellent score when you go to cash in.

Where To Find Pewter Scrap

If you want to find some pewter, a great place to start is your area’s garage and yard sales. You can check out the old silverware and plates (or even bed pans like the one above!) that some older homes may have from them. It will be difficult to tell if you, in fact, have pewter until you have it analyzed at the scrap yard. But you can always bring it to your local yard and have them check it out. Worse comes to worse; you may only have Brass or copper.

You can also search for pewter from antique shops. While usually they know how to price more expensive things, you may get lucky and find a deal. You can search for pewter pieces that can be scrapped for a higher value than for what you bought them at.

How To Determine If You Have Pewter

So you have heard of pewter before. There are all different types, but you don’t know what type you have. Pewter is a metal that is made up of Lead, tin, and another metal called antimony.

Depending on age, quality, and quantity of the pewter will determine the best price for the material that you have. It is hard to tell how much the pewter would be worth if you do the quick eye test. All pewter has a very similar look to it, and without a metal analyzer, you will be hard-pressed to get a straight answer over the phone when you are looking for pricing. Pewter also isn’t magnetic, so keep a magnet handy to test whatever scrap you end up with!

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You will have the most common pewter items from homes, including all types of bowls, knives, and other everyday kitchen utensils. To tell pewter apart from silver-plated items, think it will be very dull and have a slight luster similar to lead.

Finding The Best Pewter Scrap Price

Always head to the iScrap App for up-to-date national averages for all your metals when in doubt. You can look up what yards in your area are paying and any more information you may need about Pewter scrap.