How To Scrap A Grill

BBQ grills that you can recycleThe iScrap App, Rockaway Recycling, and Moose Scrapper all teamed up to create a great video series of videos demonstrating the life of a scrapped Cast AL grill. Showing the process of taking it apart, to loading it up in the truck, finding a scrap yard, and cashing it in the videos give you an inside look of how it gets done.

When you are looking for the best option to scrap a grill, it can be very simple to take it apart and get the most money for it. Below is a video series of scrapping a grill. You can follow along the steps below on how to scrap a grill.

Take a look at the iScrap App segment of the series below:

Steps for Scrapping A Grill

  1. Remove all the wood, steel, plastic or other items. Make sure to use your screwdriver to remove any plastic, wood, or steel. Like any other material you are scrapping, it pays off to remove these items. Also keep in mind the grill may have a propane tank or other type of gas tank be sure to remove that too.
  2. Once you break down those other items, take your magnet to test the metal. If it sticks it’s steel and you will want to remove those pieces. If it doesn’t stick, you have either cast aluminum or stainless steel. Those are the items that will make the most money.
  3. Separate your non-ferrous and ferrous metals from each other and bring them down to your scrap yard. Once you arrive you can weigh them up separately and get paid.

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